Comfort, hospitality, tradition.

Comfort, hospitality, courtesy and preservation of traditions is our major goal. These words are simple but full of meaning; as is our simple yet accurate attention to service, our egg pasta that is brought to life with a drop of courteous and sincere olive oil, and the smile that greets you every day and the mise en place, which reflects the values, the style and atmosphere of the place and the moment.

When sitting at our tables, you’ll find yourself in an oasis that frees you from the day to day stress. Parthenope is a place where one sits down and relaxes, and allows himself to be pampered and spoiled. Discover our exquisite seafood and class in a unique stylish and cozy environment. We offer a quality of service and privacy that makes Parthenope an appropriate place for a meal with your family, friends or a working lunch.

Creativity through food

Parthenope is also the ideal place to appreciate the traditional Neapolitan cuisine and Italian excellence and where chefs express their creativity through food, transforming a dinner in a dining experience of the highest level. Allow yourself to discover new flavors and reworkings of foods as you’ve never seen before.